Crow’s touch interpretation

Everything is analysed in astrology. Whether that thing is living or non-living, the good or bad effects of all can be known through astrology.
Today, we will tell you about how the touch of crow gives an impression of good and bad effects on our lives.

Negative and positive impacts of a crow’s touch.

Sirsi-mrityuVakashtam. SkandhyoRogah.
Bhujyopriyarti. Udaaresokah.
Vaahanpira. Pravaasahpaadyo.

On the head, the touch of crow makes loss of money , death and discord.

Crow’s touch on the waist and shoulders is an inauspicious sign , gives troubles and obstacles in life.

Placement of a crow on the head of a woman destroys husband and son.
While eating the yogurt of finest foods under the tree, the touch of the crow is a causal factor, but the sudden touch is considered inauspicious.

Seeing crow’s intercourse lead to death or deadly misery and destruction of the desired result in six months.

If the crow is flying or sitting on a dry pad or sitting on the east and it’s facing south,  defecates black then it is inauspicious.

If a crow sitting on a lush green tree or some banyan and peepal tree defecates white then it should be considered auspicious.

Crow’s Touch remedies:-

To reduce the bad effects of crow’s touch one should prepare a small idol from the flour of vigna mungo and place it in an earthen pot, then offer it the vigna mungo, rice and sweets. Towards the south direction from house one should worship with flowers, incense sticks, perfume, divine dakshina, lamps and chant mahamrityunjaya mantra as much as possible. Donate ghee and bath with all the five essential elements (milk, curd, sugar, ghee and water).
By doing this legislation, all the bad effects will be reduced.

Mar 13, 21 06:22 pm