Choose Better Spouse by Horoscope Match:-

According to Vedic astrology, before the marriage Kundali Milan(matching) plays an important role in the marriage ceremony. This is not a ritual. It is a science. In which our mind-wisdom-soul-thoughts-mutual relations- Physical condition and fate are matched and calculated .
It is divided into eight parts. Which  we call the Ashtakoota.
And the sum of these Ashtakoot is 36.This is also called 36 Guna.
According to Hindu astrology, the horoscope matching is the process of making marriage successful. Marriage is the sacred bond of union of two souls. It is the relation of separate entities for seven births. There are different names for matchmaking like Kundali Milan, Guna Milan, Horoscope Matching and Compatibility, LagnaMelapak etc.
The factors which are considered at the time of marriage are:-
1.    Guna Milan
2.    ManglikDosha

Guna Milan

Horoscope matching is done on the basis of bride and groom’s birth chart (janampatkrika ). By keeping in mind, the position of the moon planet, the Guna of both are added.  In North India, there is a process of Guna Milan, called as, “Ashtakoot Milan”, which signifies the eight aspects of Gunas. “Ashta” means “Eight” and “Koota” means “Aspects”. The eight Kootas are:

Varna (caste) : Varna are divided into four parts. There are Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras. The compatibility of bride and groom’s ego is checked here.

Vaishya : On the basis of Vaishya, it is seen in the bride-groom Kundali that who will be dominating after marriage. A person is classified into 5 types, namely Manav/Nara (human), Vanchar (wild animals such as lion), Chatushpad (small animals such as deer), Jalchar (sea animals), Keeta/Keet (insects).

Tara: In this, the star compatibility of the bride and groom are checked . In this, the health life of both people is seen. There are 27 types of stars in astrology.

Yoni : It measures the proximity and intimacy level, between the boy and the girl, the compatibility of physical relations, mutual love etc. Yoni koot is divided into 14 animals which show the characteristics of human personality. The names are horse, elephant, sheep, snake, dog, cat, rat, cow, buffalo, cheetah, deer, monkey, lion, mongoose.

GrihMaitri : It involves the mental qualities of the bride and groom, mutual affection, friendship etc.  It also represents moon shine compatibility among couples. This is prepared by observing seven planets. Seven Planets are – Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Guru, Venus and Saturn.

Gan: It is related  with the nature and behaviour of bride and groom. It is made by reading three things – Dev (there is divine properties inside the person), the maanav (in this category there are human properties inside the person), the monster (there are demon qualities inside the person of this category).

Bhakoot : It is a combination of love and feelings  of bride and groom. It determines the economic prosperity and happiness among the family members and the couple. In this, the planets located in the boy’s horoscope are matched to the planets of the girl’s horoscope.

Nadi: It is related to health and genes of bride and groom. Simultaneously, genetic compatibility of both is seen. There are three types of nadi – Aadi nadi, Madhya nadi and Antyanadi .

Digits for Gun Milan.

Koota    Maximum Points
Varna    1
Vaishya     2
Tara    3
Yoni    4
GrihMaitri     5
Gana    6
Rashi     7
Nadi    8
Total    36

There are total 36 GunaMilans in Ashtakoota.Here the more Gunas will match, the more compatible and successful their married life would be.

Importance of Guna Milan:-

Obtained Guna Points    Prediction or Result.

Less than 18    Not recommended for marriage.

18 to 24    Average, Acceptable match and recommended for marriage.

24 to 32    Very Good, successful marriage.

32 to 36    Excellent Match.

Hence the digits obtained in Ashtakoota can be checked in the above table.


For marriage purpose , ManglikDosha is also kept in consideration because this dosha creates conflicts between the married couples and brings disturbance differences in their life . If the native is having mangal Dosha in the horoscope then he/she should take remedial actions to get away from the obstacles.

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