Planet consideration


The geographical position of the Sun-
Sun is the closest star to the Earth in terms of astronomy which is lit up by its own light, while other planets are illuminated by the sun’s light. In this sense, this planet is not star, but in the predictive astrology it is calculated in the planets.

Moderate distance of Sun from the Earth is 9,26,57,209 miles. This is a gas body whose diameter is 8,64,000 miles. Its volume is 1.3 million times bigger than earth;its dimension is 3 lakh 33 thousand times bigger. Nuclear temperature of the Sun is 4 , 00,00,000 F degrees.

Properties of the Sun in Astrology-
The sun is the lord of the Leo sign. It is highest at the 10 degree in Aries sign and lowest at 10 degree in Leosign. It considers moon, Mars and Jupiter as his friend. In the Indian astrology, Sun is considered as a sin planet. In astrology, Sun is considered the factor for Son and father.

In astrology, its form, colour, shape, type are as follows-
Wine-hazed eye , quadruped body, clean, bile nature, intelligent, little hairstyle, male planet, beautiful face, serious tone, body, brave, majestic, soul, power, fire, state, bone, eye, rule, east direction and copper Is considered with the sun.

Work area of the Sun-
Civil services , Administrative class, prime minister, IAS officer, judge, cardiologist, atomic energy, television, radio, social activity, Ophthalmologist.



Vaishya: Shashi StrijalbhutapaswiGauroparahnambugdhatusatvam,
The geographical position of the moon-

The Moon is the Earth’s satellite in astronomical terms, but it is also considered a planet in astrology. The average distance of the Moon is 238000 miles. The diameter of Moon is 2160 miles. It completes a revolution of 12 zodiac signs in 27 days 7 hours 43 minutes.

Characteristics of Moon in Astrology-
The body of moon is fatty, young, slim, white, colour , black hair, beautiful eye, bloody feature, water element, soft spoken, soft (gentle) from the body. Moon is said to be both the fatty and slim. It is broad in Shukla paksha and Slim in Krishna Paksha.

Moon is considered to know the mental state. Moon is the main factor of the mind and the mother, and it is a female planet.

Moon is the fixed factor of the 4th house. Due to being the closest to the Earth, the influence of the moon falls on man, vegetation, sea, and ocean. In Indian astrology, the moon is as important as the lagna is.

Workplace of the Moon-
Every watery substance is considered from the moon. In modern factories, liquid medicine, irrigation department, import-export, dairy farm and mental hospital.


Na RaatChatuskonsuvarnkaaro

Nature of Mars from vision of Astronomy –
There are many things in this planet that are similar to the Earth. Its median distance is 48543000 miles from the earth. The median diameter of Mars is 4219 and its revolution period is of 687 days.  With the speed of 15 miles per second Mars completes a revolution of Sun in 687 days.

Nature of Mars in Astrology-
It has been given the rank of commander in the planets. Its community has been described as young and Kshatriya . This is symbol of power. This is naturally considered as a sin planet. Its color is red. This is the planet of fire element. Valour, Power, weapon, war related object, is considered from Mars. The Sun, the moon and and the Jupiter are its friend, the Saturn is neutral with Mars and mercury is determined as the enemy of this planet. Its own zodiac sign is Aries and Scorpio. It is Superior at the 28 degree in Capricorn and inferior at 28 degree in cancer. In the 10th house Mars proves to be at Supreme  and powerful. Aries Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius are lagna which gives an auspicious result if Mars is placed at a good place. Mars looks at the 4th,7th, and 8th house in full view.

Workplace of Mars:
Planet Mars gives job in army, defence , intelligence, weapon, radio, mechanical, marketing, sports, cabinet minister, Department of Agriculture, Computer, Driving, Tailoring, Cinematography, Land Acquisition, Speculation, Broker, Money Transaction, Electricity Department etc.


Astronomical position of Mercury planet
With the diameter of 300 miles, it is the nearest planet to the Sun. It is 36,000,000 miles from the Sun. It completes the revolution of Sun in 88 days with the speed of 1, 70, 505 km per hour. If seen from the earth, it never moves more than 27 degrees from Sun .Its orbit is below the Earth’s orbit.

The nature of Mercury in astrology is of beautiful body, jolly , sweetheart, soft-spoken, confident and clear speaker, green coloured, clear verse. This planet has earth element, and among all the planets it is the crowned as the Prince. It is the lord of the signs Gemini and Virgo. It is best at 15 degree in Virgo and worst at 15 degree in Pisces. This considers Venus and Sun as friend, Mars and Jupiter as neutral and Moon and Saturn as enemy . It is the owner of the north direction. It causes Skin disease.

Working area of Mercury planet-
Mercury gives humour , poet, singing, speaker, music, food-trade, Business, medicine, law, doctor, cabinet ministers and community service.

Guru prabhatenrishubhesdigdijahpitodwipaadgramysuvritjeevah,

Structure of Jupiter according to Astronomy

Jupiter (guru) is 48,33,00,000 miles away from the sun. It is the largest planet in the solar system. Its average diameter is 88.700 miles. With the speed of 12.16 miles per second, it  covers the distance of all 12 zodiac signs in 11.9 years.

Nature of Jupiter from the eye of Astrology
In astrology, it has been called as ‘Devguru’, Brahmin caste and the factor of knowledge. This represents huge body, haze coloured eye and hair, causes cough, scholar of all scriptures, broad shoulders, voice has been defined as of lion or conch. He has all good qualities, having Sky element, male planet, lord of north east direction. It causes fat related disease.
Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces. It is exalted in cancer sign at 5 degree and debilitated in Capricorn at 5 degree. This considers sun, moon and Mars as friend, Venus the enemy  and Saturn as neutral.

Jupiter’s work area-
Place of knowledge, Brahmin, astrologer, good-doer , Spiritual, reading -teaching, Prime Minister, Council of Ministers, Administration Classes, Banks, Clerk, Writer, Counsellor , Judge, administrator , goldsmith, fruit-flower-sweet seller, speaker , news, magazine, hermitage, marriage bureau etc..


The form of Venus according to  Astronomy
Everyone on the planet must have seen it before sunrise or after the sunset, it is visible in the form of sharp light in the eastern and western sky. It is known as morning star and evening star . Its moderate distance from the Sun is 6,72,00,000 miles. With the speed of 12, 677 km per hour it completes the journey of 12 zodiac signs in 224.7 days.

Structure of Venus according to astrology –
As per Predictive astrology  just like Jupiter, Venus is also considered as an auspicious planet. It is also called the master of monsters.  It has Brahman community, Royal Nature, and female Planet. It is the planet of water element. Among the seven elements present in human body this is the factor of Semen. All the things of worldly joy-pleasure, material enjoyment, luxury and entertainment are represented by Venus. It is the lord of signs Taurus and Libra. This planet is exalted at 27 degree in Pisces and debilitated at 27 degree in Virgo. It considers mercury-Saturn as friend, moon as enemy and Mars as a neutral planet. Venus is the lord of south-east direction.

Working area of Venus –
Venus is supposed to give pleasure, luxury, decoration , acting, beauty, share market, saloon, apparel, restaurant, fragrant items, flowers, fruits, escort-business, interior home decoration, punishment, astrologer, anchoring, call centre, wholesaler etc.


The appearance of Saturn with the vision of Astronomy –
It is the farthest planet from the Sun among all nine planets . It is 88 million 61 lakh miles from the Sun and 79 million 31 lakh 43 thousand miles away from the earth. Its diameter is 75100 miles. At its speed of 6 miles per second, it completes one revolution of the Sun in 29.5 years .It completes its rotation on its axis in 10 hours 14 minutes. Its mass is 95 times than of the Earth and the dimension is 763 times. The density of the Earth is 5.5, whereas its density is 0.7, which means its lighter than water. The temperature of the Saturn is 2400F. It has  seven rings around it . This has been known by astronauts that Saturn has 15 moons, and the one moon is 3600 miles bigger than the Earth.

The nature of Saturn in terms of astrology-
In Predictive astrology, Saturn is said to be dark dull, the son of sun and Shanaischar. In zodiac cycle it is the lord of Capricorn and Aquarius. It is exalted at 20 degree in Libra and debilitated at 20 degree in Aries. After coming close to Sun at 5 degree it sets down. The best age for the fortune rise is 36 years. Its colour is blue. Pushya, Anuradha and Uttara Bhadrapada are its nakshatra. Its ruling no is 1. Sapphire is its gemstone. It is considered as a sin planet.
In body it causes breathe disorder, trembling, bone, tooth disease. In astrology, it is considered to be the most sinful planet. But if the condition of Saturn is strong in the horoscope of Capricornlagna, libra lagna and Aquariuslagna, then this planet gives the yoga of auspicious results . The Saturn has its eye on  3rd,7th and 10th house.
The work place of planet Saturn –

When the Saturn is in auspicious condition, it gives the designation of state government, minister post, judge, high officials, administrative class, iron, leather, metal, mineral, gas, stone, agriculture, animal, meat production, foreign import-export, bureaucrats, brokers, moneylenders, landlords , Groceries, wine dealers, vegetable sellers, contractors, etc.

Ketu SikhiTadvadnekswaroopahkhagaswroopatfalamuhyamitham.

The form of Rahu-Ketu in Astronomy is –

Till now we have discussed the seven visible planets of the sky. Rahu-Ketu is not a celestial body, it’s the intersection point of the Sun and the moon. In mythological stories they are called Demons. Rishi Parashar has called them the ‘planet full of darkness’. Though being a shadow planet ,yet their effect has been given prime importance in Indian astrology. But in few factors, it has been kept aside by the celestial bodies. Like on the name of 7 planets we have the week days but no day in the week is named after Rahu – Ketu.

Rahu – Ketu have not been given the ownership of any zodiac sign. But some people have imagined its zodiac sign and exalted sign. Few of the Scholars consider Taurus and Gemini as exalted sign of Rahu.
In the same way, the mooltrikon exalted signs have also been imagined. Other planets have vision but being a blind planet, they do not have any Vision. According to Rishi Parashar, Rahu-Ketu gives result according to the house they sit in. Normally, they only give harm and disturbance in the house they sit in particular. These are also counted in sin planets but according to Parashar Rishi, when they sit with the lord of Kendra or with the lord of Trikon in the Kendra of a horoscope, they give auspicious results. Rahu gives Sudden affect in which one does not get the chance to rally. Combination of Rahu-Mars causes accident and the same situation persists with the Rahu-Shani. When all the planets are located between Rahu-Ketu then it forms ‘Kalsarpa – yoga’. InVimshottaridasha, Rahu has 18 years and Ketu has 7 years. Rahu’s nature, results and function area work according to Saturn and the results, nature and function of Ketu works according to Mars.

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