Ram Shlaka Questionnaire, everything is hidden in Ramcharitmanas, a solution to all your problems.

There are occasions in life when we are facing ups and downs and do not understand which path to choose. In order to overcome this deviation, a precious method or keystone has been received from the tradition of Shri Ram Shlaka questionnaire or Ramayana questionnaire. People believe that the origin of Sri Ram Shlaka is from Valmiki’s epic Ramayana.

Shri Ram Charit Manas is a symbol of a religious faith and a sacred book as well as an astrological scripture . Regardless of various problems, the answer to all your questions is hidden in the Ramayana questionnaire . Goswami Tulsi ji used nine quatrains in this questionnaire. Every quatrainrepresents a different planet. According to numerology, the nine planets and the Sun is considered between one to nine digits.

Among these nine quatrains, the first three quatrains functions in a doubtful way giving  the detailed acts of Saturn, Rahu and ketu and the other three quatrains signify about the achievement of desired goals presenting before us the results of moon, Jupiter and Venus. The last three quatrains denote situations of uncertainty describing the work of Sun, Mars and mercury.

Usage method: It contains some letters, digits, etc. in a grid. It is believed that whenever a person desires to get an answer to his intended question, then first he should keep lord Ram in his mind, Then, reflecting his question, he should put finger or some shalaka (small stem) in any box of the Sri Ram Shalaka questionnaire. Now, the letter or volume written in that box of Shri Ramlalaka questionnaire should be written on any paper or slate.
Now, on the right side of the box (right) and when the line ends, the letters and the digits written in each nine  (9) box should be written on that paper or slate, from the left side, rising from left to right on the rows below. Thus, when all the ninth letters or quantities are added, one fourth of Shri Ram Charit Manas quatrains will be completed , in which you will get the answer to your question.

Let’s see in these nine quatrains , and the hidden answers in them …

SunuSiya Satya Ashish Hamari,
Pujihi Mann kaamnatumhari.

This quarantine is in the context of Shree Sitaji’sGauripujan in the Ramayana’s baalkaand (child episode) .Gauri blessed Shri Sitaji.

Fruit – Questioner’s question is good, work will be accomplished.

Prabisi Nagar Kejay Sab Kajang,
Hridayrakhikoshalpur raja.

This is the time when Hanumanji came to Lanka in the Sundervan.
Fruit – Remember God and start the work, you will get success.

Ughre ant na Hoi nibahu,
Kaalnemijimiravanrahu .

This quatrain is in the context of satsanga-narration at the beginning of the baalkaand (child episode).
Fruit – This work bears no positive result . The success of the work is doubtful.

Vidhi bus sujaukusangatParhi,
Fani Mani Sam nij gun anusarhi.

This quatrain is in the context of satsanga-narration at the beginning of the baalkaand (child episode).
Fruit – Leave the company of wrong people. The success of the work is doubtful.

Hoi haisoi jo ram rachiraakha,
Ko karitarakbadhawahisasha.

This quatrain details the communication of  lord Shiva and Parvati under baalkand (child episode) .
Fact: The work is doubtful, so it’s better to leave everything upon the God.

Mud mangalmay Sant Samaju,
Jimi jag Jangamtirth Raju ..

This quatrain is the description of Saint- pilgrimage in baalkaand of Ramayana (child episode) .
Fruit – The question is best. The work will be achieved.

Garal Sudha Ripukaraimitai,
Gopad Sindhu anal sitlai.

This quatrain is at the time of Shri Hanuman ji’s entry into Lanka.
Fruit – The question is very useful . Work will be successful.

Varun kubersureshsameera,
Ran sanmukh  kaahnadhira.

This quatrain is in context of Mandodari’s mourning after the death of Ravan in Lanka.
Fruits – there is doubt about completion of the work.

Ram lakhanu suni bhaesukhaare.

This quatrain from baalkaand (child episode) describes the blessings of Vishwamitra upon bringing the flower from the floral garden .
Fruit</b > – The question is very good. The work will be accomplished .

Shree Ram Charit Manas, with great reverence, wrapped in a yellow cloth and kept at a proper pious place in the house, worshipped regularly, is able to solve all the questions of your life.


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