What Is The Principal Of Building Construction

1-Land Testing After studying Indian Vastu Shastra and scientific consideration and thinking, land selection for the building is of primary importance . The more the land is strong and auspicious the more building would be blocked and strong. So, the selection of suitable land for construction is necessary for which the scriptures provide some proof like this –

The land which is fertile and after planting tree and seeds they bear good fruits and crops grow properly. If this does not happen, land should be considered dead and unsuitable for building. The one who loves betterment of life should always prefer for a fertile and fruitful land.

   ‘Yatra vrikshaprohantisasyansamyak     pravdharte.
    Sa JreyajivitaBhoomimritaChatonyathaSmrita’.

2-In the evening, make a pit which is  one hand wide and one hand deep and fill it with water. If there is any water residue in the next morning, then it is considered very auspicious  land to live at. If there are no remains of water and the land doesn’t gets cracked then it should be considered neutral. And if the pit is totally dry and the soil of land gets mangled cracking the land into pieces then it should be taken as inappropriate for constructing a house.

     PratahDristjalamsthalamsadjalammadhyamtwasat  Sfaatitah. ‘

In this way, after knowing the positive – negative things about the land , the colour of the land should also be known because the land is auspicious only then when the owner has the same colour as that of the land’s soil.

Types and colour of land :-
White colored soil is called Brahmani ,  red-coloured is called Kshatriya, a greenish colour is vaishya , and a black colour is called Shudra.
Shukla mritsanaachyabhumibarhinisaPrakritirta ,
Kshatriya raktmritsanaa Ch haridvaishyaPrakritirta.
White land  is auspicious for the Brahmins, for kshatriya red colour is good, for the Vaishyas green colour is auspicious and the the black colour is suitable for Shudra. People having colour different than this should prefer a land with the soil of mixed colours.

‘Krishna bhumibhavechudrachaturdhabhuPrakirtita,
Vishan pita chShudrana Krishna anyeshavimishrita. ‘

In this way, after knowing the colour  of the land, we should also consider about the slope of the land. Without the knowledge of this there is flow of negative energy and due to this negativity, the peace of house is dissolved. Therefore the idea of slope of land should also be kept in mind.

Consideration of Slope
The land which has flow of water in north-east slope gives happiness to the family.


Land which is inclined towards the eastern direction always gives prosperity and happiness.
Land which is leaned towards north direction adds more to wealth.
Land that is inclined towards south direction brings death and grief to the family.

Mrityushokpradanitayansarvathaa Dakshin plava. ‘

Land inclined towards (south-west) direction causes destruction of the family.
Land bent towards west direction causes loss of wealth but adds more to name and fame.
Land leaned towards west – north leads to mental disturbance.


Therefore only after the methodical examination, suitable land should be chosen for the purpose of living.

Note – The land is in sleep mode or the time is not auspicious when the nakshatra is in 5th,7th,9th,12th,19th,26th house from the nakshatra in which sun is placed.

Thus, proper selection should be done by examining the land in the supervision of oneself or by any architect specialist.

2-Surgery Prevention- Please ask an expert astrologer about the land you have chosen, so that there remain no bone, termite, snake or other defect in your land, if it occurs and not properly diagnosed It can be a painful factor in the coming future, for the home and its owner from general suffering to death or agony as death etc. So, first of all, we should dig the land, remove the old soil and surgical elements and put new soil. Therefore, the builder should remember his  presiding deity and question with astrologer. Astrologer should also remember his devotional God and pay attention to the question and tell about the statement of surgical elements (bone) etc.

3- Placement of 81 Vastu steps

4- Placement of Vastu lord

5- Prayer, worship, chanting of mantras and holy ritual should be performed by an experienced and liturgical Brahman. Or you can also connect with us at Kundlipucho.com for performing this puja.

6- House building work The house construction work should be done under guidance of an expert architect.

Below is a brief description of the rooms and their directions according to our comfort and Vastu – rules.
• East – Bathroom, Churn House
• South- east – Storehouse of kitchen and kitchen related items (In ancient times, it was called Ghrit (Ghee house).
• South-Bedroom
• Southwest – Bathroom, washroom and armoury
• West – Food store room , Study room
• North-west – granary, fury house
• North – Women related room and Storehouse
• North-east – Deity room , medicine House

According to modern opinion and modern  surrounding , change in the setting of room is possible, therefore it is necessary to get proper guidance from any specialist architect.

House or home is the first and most important requirement of a family, be it an ancient or a modern family. They always dream to have their own house . The middle class struggles whole life to get this desire fulfilled. But when this dream is going to change into reality, we should keep in mind that the house which is to be built should bring prosperity to the family. So, we should always build our home according to Vastu.
You can also contact Kundlipucho.com, here through qualified scholars, architect experts, and experienced astrologers will help you to get over all problems properly related to your Vastu and house.


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