Why are there difference in love? Know with the help of astrology.

It is said that love is a divine feeling , which happens when the two hearts meet . When in love, people ignore good or bad habits of partner or you can say no flaws matters at all when love happens. We just want to do something for our beloved, to spend the whole life with her, worry about her problems and keep her happy. Just a glimpse of our love lightens our mood.

Love is a totally different feeling. It has no name or you can say that we can’t bound this heavenly feeling with any name. Love can happen with anyone, be it mother, father brother, sister, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife. But today we will discuss about the love relation of boyfriend – girlfriend and husband – wife.

Today with the help of astrology, we will know the reason why there are differences in love. What are the problems which occurs in love and how can we escape from its negative impact?
Earlier also we have discussed about love problems but today we will tell you why does differences happens in love.
Normally it is seen that during initial stage of relationship, people love each other at an extreme level but as the time goes on problems start to rise which causes a slight distance in relationship and because of this we get ready to break that bond of love with the one who once were our soul – mate.

According to Psychology, these are the causes of problems persisting in love relation.

Difference in thoughts

Usually it is seen that in love or any relation the biggest problem is of different mindset. We fall in love but as the time passes, our thoughts bring clash in love life which brings distance in our relationship.


Doubts never let any relation go smoothly and it ends our love life. Doubts brings difference and stress in relation which ends at separation.

Excess one-sided love

When we love each other no one knows who loves at what extent. But with the passage of time one partner falls more and the other loves less. They start feeling pressure in relation due to the extreme love, thus people get irritated and finally breaks up.

Not giving proper time

In the beginning of relation, we talk a lot and wish for more time so that we could talk more. But things change after some Time. Due to lack of time, Couples couldn’t give proper time to each other because of which bond of love weakens which ends up relation in Separation.

Lack of sweetness in relation

Sweetness has its own importance in everything. When in delicious food it pleases our mood and in relations, makes our life cheerful. But when arguments and fights occur between couples, then sweetness reduces and relation comes to an end.

Physically Unsatisfied

Even having a deep bond of love, sex plays a major role in a couple’s life. Sex, depends upon the physical condition of partner. When one partner does not get physically satisfied with the other then he/she gets attracted towards other person for the fulfilment of physical desires. Due to unsatisfied sex life, the partner’s attachment towards other person weakens the bond of love and causes problems like the distance and separation in relationship.

Because of all these reasons, the strength of love weakens and there is separation and difference in love relation.

Reasons of difference in love according to astrology

In astrology, 5th house is considered for boyfriend or girlfriend and 7th house is determined for life partner. Venus is the factor of love and 11th house is the secondary house. Usually it is seen or felt that Venus in the 5th or 7th house or with the lord of these houses gives good or bad results related to love life.

Planets also play a major role in love life. Venus is considered the factor of love and when it is in  auspicious condition blesses with the luxury, lavish life style, success in love, deep and sweet relation with the opposite sex. When Venus is in inauspicious condition, then there is stress in relation, difference in thoughts of the partner and problems like separation arises. Besides this, other planets also have positive-negative effects in love life .

Love relation is usually determined from 5th house, when there is strong  5th house in a horoscope then the native gets success in love and relation go on for long time but when 5th house is afflicted by sin planets like Sun, mars, Saturn, Rahu – Ketu, then the problems like differences, breakup and stress arises between the Couple. Just like the love is determined from 5th house, 9th and 11th house acts as helping house or secondary house. If they are fruitful, we achieve success in love relation.

In our life, it is dasha which determines where and when we would meet our love. Even though we have many auspicious and inauspicious yoga, achievement of love depends upon its dasha that whether we would get love or just a small term relation will happen. Many times, we have noticed that in spite of presence of auspicious yoga in our horoscope a person doesn’t get love and he remain alone for the whole life. But when there is strong yoga in kundali then the person gets love in dasha of the auspicious planets and exceptional satisfaction in love relation of his life is achieved . But when the dasha of inauspicious planets begins , even the strongest bond of love gets shattered. Couples who never imagined to live without each other gets separated due to the negative impact of yoga of sin planets.

Astrology is the subject of experience and deep study. No can be an all-rounder in this subject. The more the experience, the more knowledgeable a person becomes and the chances get more of commanding the various mysteries of Astrology.

But we request, please don’t determine your future only with the information available in scriptures but also consult an experienced and expert astrologer.

Astrology is a subject of knowledge, thought and experience for astrologer, but also a subject of devotion and trust for the questioner.


Mar 13, 21 06:20 pm