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What is Astrology?

By Acharya Pankaj ji

Astrology is the name of the system that analyzes the effects of transmission and the interpersonal relation of light objects upon the earth.

Jyotish (Astrology) is made of 2 words.
‘Jyoti ‘=Star and ‘sh’ means =lord of fortune, which means star and their position in the Sky.
In other words Astrology is a genre which tells about the auspicious and inauspicious results of our fortune by the calculation of position of light bodies in the sky, their distance and interpersonal relation.

Astrology is called the eye of the Vedas. As the enlightened men can see the obstacles of the path from eyes, similarly,with the resort of astrology one can know about the conduct, thoughts, and longevity of  the present, past and future and take necessary remedial steps to escape from the problems.

“Prayojanam Tu Jagatah Shubhashubh nirupanam”

There are three major parts of astrology called ‘Tray Skandh’.
1- Theory

Theoretical mathematics part is called astronomy. Code and Hora is called predictive Astrology.

In the theory-mathematics section, how many years, months, days have passed since the beginning of creation, the distance between planets and their placement in zodiac signs is calculated .Only on the basis of Mathematics, planetary positions can be known.

The good-bad events that take place in the world like some special incidents , rain, earthquake, tsunami, fire, famine, violence etc is  determined by the theoretical wing.

Mathematics is the base for any prediction . The Other name of Code and Hora is  prediction astrology . Through predictive astrology, information about the good and bad events of a person’s life is analysed by calculating the position of the nakshatra and planets.
Day, date, nakshatra, Yoga, Sankrant, planet and transit all comes under Predictive Astrology. Combination of day, date,nakshatra,Karan and yoga is called ‘Panchang’. Hora Skandh  is also divided into five parts –

1- Jatak 2- Tajik 3- prashna 4- Muhurth   5- Shakun, through these five parts, the future of every human life is determined in which the ‘jatak’ is important.

What are the planets..?
In the Indian astrology, nine planets are considered. These planets are Sun-Moon-Mars-Mercury-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn-Rahu-Ketu. The names of the first seven planets are popular because they are based on the name of different days of a week .First seven are visible celestial bodies.

Rahu Ketu is a shadow planet.According to Astronomy, the point at which the oval orbit of moon and earth crosses each other is a dynamic point which rotates in opposite(retrograde) direction. Indian intellectuals have categorized them as planets by analysing their effects.

According to the discovery that was made some years ago, new planets Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, were also included under the category of planets in astrology.

Uranus was discovered in 1789, Neptune was discovered in 1846, Pluto was discovered in 1930.

According to astronomy, Sun is not a planet.Rather it is a bright Star because of its own light. Moon is the satellite of the Earth.

As per predictive astrology, they all have been categorized into planets because it would be easier to understand their interpersonal relation.