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Zodiac idea

By Acharya Pankaj ji

12 zodiac sign is located in the sky. The word zodiac means a collection or group. Because the zodiac sign is  made up of a group of nakshatra, these are called zodiacs. They are also called sign. Sign means a mark which determines the position of the planets. The shape of stars were found similar with that of the things we see on the earth and thus they were named the same as of the Earth. This is the experience of thousand years that the zodiac signs have the features same of the their name or shape.
Complete format of 12 zodiacs is called cycle of zodiac. The Sun, moon and other planets keep rotating on this path. This is called zodiac cycle which begins with Aries.

The Zodiac Signs
1-Aries   5-Libra 9-Sagittarius
2 Taurus . 6 Virgo  10-Capricorn
3-Gemini  7-Libra 11-Kumbh
4-Cancer  8-Scorpio 12-Pisces

Nakshatra vichar
What is Nakshatra?
Nakshatra is made up of cluster of stars .They have many sun bigger than our sun. In Indian astrology, we have 27 nakshatra but including ‘Abhijeet ‘ we have 28. Since ancient times till today, we have been using these 27, 28 nakshatra for predictions and readings in astrology. The names of the nakshatra are as follows:
1. Ashwini          
2. Bharani
3. Krittika
4. Rohini
5. Mrigshira
6. Ardra
7. Punarvasu
8. Pushya
9. Ashlesha
10. Magha
11. Pura Falguni
12. Uttara Falguni
13. Hasta
14. Chitra
15. Swati
16. Vishakha
17. Anuradha
18. Jyeshtha
19. Mula
20. Purva Ashadha
21. Uttara Ashadha
22. Shravana
23. Dhanishta
24. Shatabhisha
25. Purva Bhadrapada
26. Uttara Bhadrapada
27. Revati

Name of the Yogas –
Yoga is of two types, Vishkumbhadi and Anandaadi  in which Vishkumbhadi is more prominent.

Names of Vishkumbhadi Yoga :-

Vishkumbhak, preity, Ayushman, Saubhagya, Sobhan, Atigand, Sukarma, Dhriti, Sool, Gand, Vriddhi, Dhruv, Vyaghat, Harshan, Vajra, Siddhi, Vyatipaat, Variyan, Parigh, Shiv, Siddha, Saadhya, Subh, Shukla, Brahma, Endra and Vaidhart.

Name of Karan –
Karan is of two types

Variable Karan is of seven types –
Bav, Baalav, kaulab, Taitil, gar, Vanij, Vrishti(Vrishti Karan is called Bhadra) .

Stable Karan – Kinstughan nag, Shakuni and Chatushpad.
Thus Panchang forms with the yoga of day, dates, nakshatra and Karan yoga.

Astrology is an important science which is none less than an ocean and it requires deep knowledge, experience and thorough study to predict one’s future accurately. So an individual who is learning astrology should be honest, truthful and Scholar of Vedas. Only then the predictions made by him can be precise and true.