Frequently asked questions and necessary information?

Does your institute or company have intelligent and credible acharyas?

Yes, all the acharyas of our institute are taught in traditionally and certified universities.
All the Acharyas are honoured with a higher degree such as Acharya with graduate degree, distinguished Acharya aka vishisht acharya with masters degree and Vidya Varidhi with PhD degree aka sea of wisdom . All the teachers in our institute are experienced and reliable, any kind of information provided by you is kept confidential, simultaneously, we take simple and decent conversations while taking special care of language style.

Is the information provided by you is correct?

Yes, the information provided by us is based on the certified shashtras and based on experienced and knowledge of scholarly acharyas. Learned acharyas throughly analyse the information provided by you on the basis of experience and different sections of astrology and provide you the information of future.

Does pujan and other services provide any benefits?

Yes, the services and pujan provided by us gives special benefits in future, information and pujan services provided by learned acharyas, make you aware of the inauspicious effects that arises in your life and with special measures, inauspicious affects are calmed down, so that in future you get auspicious effect.

Will the information and conversations given by us remain safe?

Yes, the information and conversation provided by you will be kept confidential and special attention is given to any kind of information and conversations given by you can not be shared.

Will our money related information be safe and confidential?

Yes, special attention is given to your wealth related information being safe and confidential, at the same time, our experienced adviser for quality purposes also provide you special guidance and advice for wealth related information.

Why is your organization special to other organization?

All the acharyas in our institute are well-educated and honoured with prestigious awards. Our organization does not give you any wrong and confusing information. For quality purposes, your feedback is taken from time to time. Immediate solution is provided for any kindof inconvenience. The purpose of our organization is to provide you with right astrological guidance and advices.