13 Nov 2019


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aquarius Horoscope

14 th
November, 2019
Don’t sweat if you haven’t been on top of your fitness and healthy living regime. There is always next week. An unexpected connection might have caught you off guard. Never say no to romance if it comes knocking! Appreciate the moment and don’t worry about travel plans.
15 th
November, 2019
Address any concerns when they happen. An off the cuff meeting might leave you scrambling for words. Be prepared to have all the answers and the team will be impressed. The little journeys can teach us the most.

Getting back to the drawing board should not be regarded as a defeat, but rather as a chance to make your presentation or implementation perfect. Details and precision count and so do not cut corners and expect other’s not to notice. You are the object of much attention right now and that scrutiny may be uncomfortable, but it could also bring out the best in you.

Do not be put off when others question what you are doing – often the most exhilarating and fruitful courses of action are ones that others are sceptical of.

The moon waxes until the 12th of November making this a fertile patch for new ventures. You can use the power of attraction to draw positive experiences in love towards you – it is not about what you do or say but how you feel. Genuine confidence and inner self-assurance lead to meeting people who can enhance your life and your sex life. Be daring in career direction, aiming high pays off as does taking the path less travelled.

Aquarius Horoscope

Birthdate Range

March 20 April 18

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Red, White

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Strong Will Power


Luxury clothing and leading others


Monotonous Work


The knowledge of all the auspicious – non auspicious events in a persons life is achieved by 27 constellations, 9 planets and 12 zodiac signs in the sky. Every day in a persons life some events happens whose effect due to the planets position or we can say that planet’s zodiac sign, is gained via transmission of constellations.

Planets, zodiac signs have their own distinct nature. Whose affect is found in people according to their birth and name zodiac signs.

What is the difference between birth and zodiac sign?
In astrology, the zodiac sign has special significance, whether it is the birth zodiac or the name zodiac, the effect and importance of both are special.

Birth zodiac sign – A person’s birth time the position of moon in kundali determines the birth zodiac sign, the moon situated in that constellation, phase and zodiac sign is considered as that persons birth zodiac sign.

Name zodiac sign – The name of the person by which is called in the society by the first letter of that name a person’s zodiac sign is formed which is also called as name zodiac sign.

Birth sign and name zodiac sign thought –  Birth zodiac sign is considered in marriage samskar, in travelling, to get the information of the immediate effects by the planets birth zodiac sign is considered.

Name zodiac sign is considered in house construction, village or living at the place, mantra acceptance, in war, and about the subject of master and servant name zodiac sign is considered.

This horoscope is based in accordance with the birth zodiac sign or name zodiac sign –
At Kundali Pucho , based on moon daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscope of future is made. A person should know the future based on the position of moon in birth zodiac sign, but in the absence of birth zodiac sign, a person can accept the future forecast based on his name zodiac sign.

What is the basis of daily horoscope?
Daily horoscope is based on the state of transmission of the planet, which is called the planet transit. According to the position of the planets during sunrise every day, Aries and other zodiac signs are considered as ascendants sign, as per the planets located in transit place, the prediction of the daily horoscope is made. It is completely pure and accurate.


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