20 Nov 2019


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Aries Horoscope

20 th
November, 2019
If people are pulling you in a million different directions take a step back. Go your own way. Nothing is stopping you today. Ride the power wave and go home feeling accomplished. You tend to hate routine, but the daily grind might bring you some luck today.
21 st
November, 2019
The New Moon in Sagittarius will help expand your consciousness. You like dependability, but if you aren’t receiving this in a current partnership; it could be time to speak up. The issue may never be resolved if it isn’t spoken about. Give yourself time and trust that everything will work out.

This is a complicated month, Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio from the 1st to the 20th and so this complicates financial matters. A time to watch the joint back account and if you do not have one, do not get one. You and your partner may strongly disagree about how to spend money as your priorities are very different. There is a tendency towards secrets in love, you are holding something back. Arguments may sour the air and even after apologies have been made there is a lingering bitterness which lurks under the surface, making you both keep your true feelings under wraps.

This is not a good month to apply for finance or loan approvals. You are best reallocating funds and making cutbacks to fund new projects. This is a great time to take something apart, see what is wrong and get it working again. You may also be successful at restoring a piece of art or if you are in fashion, a good time to rework an old trend, with a new spin. You are best avoiding making promises or financial commitments to others as these could limit your scope and lead to more frustration than it is worth.

In business, especially your own business, you are going through some changes and upheaval. Uranus activated on your second house cusp means great opportunities come with the need for readjustment and some restructuring. As your second and eighth house are activated, some if what needs to be done can take you out of comfort zones and be quite uncomfortable. You may need to become more au fait with new tax laws, tax planning and using analytical tools. This is a very good time to study tax and accounting, no matter what you do, these are areas you should know more about. Audit and financial investigation may be part of a new work assignment.

Aries Horoscope

The Lord of Aries is Mars. Those born under the Aries are of medium height, the colour of the face is reddish or wheatish. In the auspicious situation of mercury, those born under Aries have reddish eyes, are jolly, brave, cautious and ambitious. Aries are hard-working, sharp minded, free in the thoughts, constantly on the move. They have a sharp memory, are exceedingly chirpy, but are clear with their thoughts and like to travel a lot. It is seen that these people, with their hard work and dedication, can accumulate wealth and hence prosperity. These people get relatively lesser happiness from friends and relatives. They are quick to anger and equally quick to pacify. Despite all the hardships in the profession they strive for excellence and prosperity. There are a lot of hurdles and roadblocks in inheritance and career but these people get the most benefit out of these hurdles only. Pitta, cough, headaches, elements of the blood, elements of the eye, skin ailments et cetera are always there on the chart. If the mercury is auspicious then those born under Aries enjoy sports and music a lot. Their lucky stone is Coral, however, any stone should be worn only after the suggestion of a qualified astrologer. Their lucky years are 16, 22, 27, 32 and 36.


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