13 Nov 2019


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cancer Horoscope

13 th
November, 2019
Don’t let mood swings rule you. Go with your guy in a meeting today. It is rarely wrong. The normal journey you take might have some abnormal surprises.
14 th
November, 2019
Enjoy a nutritious meal tonight and get a good sleep. It’s what your body needs. Take a chance with someone. They are sending all the right signals, so why not? Keep your diary packed with fun adventures.

This is a very tricky month in terms of leadership, you will have to go over your plans and look for holes and pitfalls. Others are more resistant to your plans even if they are not too different to what you have done in the past. Ideas are challenged and this can be a demoralizing time, however you must not take things personally as this period can be an excellent time to find solutions and tricks of the trade which you can use later on. This month is more challenging where you are at the tip of the spear i.e. where you perform, are the figurehead or put your reputation on the line. You need to be able to take criticism and respond to it quickly. If you can avoid launching a creative project or being very prominent this month, do so.

Romance and new love relationships can go through a crisis, but they can also become deeper and more meaningful in a bizarre kind of way. You tend to find out a lot about what you want from love or dating in November and it is not quite what you thought. You may surprise yourself with your behaviour in terms of romantic involvement. While you maybe argue and disagree with a lover, you are not yet ready to go separate ways.

November is a good month for a cultural city break or weekend getaway, you can benefit from a break from the routine. Communication in love is enhanced and you may share secrets and perhaps even create some new secrets. Privacy and exclusively matter in relationships and you should perhaps shut out friends, extended family and other distractions for a while to focus on each other.

Cancer Horoscope

The Lord of cancer is the moon. Of those born under cancer are beautiful and the facial features are pretty, the faces are often round, and are of medium height. If the moon-Mars are auspicious than those born in the cancer sign are intelligent, sensitive, emotional, just, and kind in nature. They are generally of changeable nature, jolly, connoisseurs of liquids, very imaginative, street smart, and affable in nature. If the moon is not auspicious, then they’re irritable in nature, and are often under the weather. They have a great interest in natural beauty, fine arts, literature, and all things beautiful. They are highly malleable as per the situation, true and just when it comes love affairs, honest and kind. They are able to accomplish anything to which they put their heart they are extremely creative and have a tendency to read other people. The friendship with Capricorn, Scorpio and Pisces is especially fruitful. The lucky stones are pearl and white Sapphire. Their lucky years are 24, 25, 27, 32, 36, and 40.


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