13 Nov 2019


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capricorn Horoscope

14 th
November, 2019
Managing health can seem tough sometimes. Keep a diary to make it easier. Try not to move to fast. You generally tend to be cautious so try and use this approach in love, too. Travel and is important for the soul. Take any opportunity you can to explore.
15 th
November, 2019
You don’t like listening to things you don’t want to hear, but sometimes you need to. Manage your finances this weekend. Too much spending will lead to a stressful end of the month. Go somewhere new today, however near or far.

This is a very good period for reflection on past relationships, if you have recently ended a love relationship, this is the time to withdraw, steer clear of the dating game and let the dust settle emotionally. It is a time where self-love and the ability to give self-care are vital to your physical and mental wellbeing. So take the time to reconnect with your core purpose, allow yourself to contemplate the unique and special meaning of your life.

Unconditional love for yourself and for others is a theme and this month you may truly begin to understand how deep your love for someone is and how great your capacity for love and acceptance are.

New love relationships (where you have been happily single) happen very suddenly and feel meant or fated. The sexual and friendship side of the relationship develops quickly and there is a feeling of protectiveness between you. The relationship is loving, even if it is not conventional and there is this feeling of completing a cycle.

Capricorn Horoscope

The Lord of Capricorn is Saturn. Those born under this Sun sign are of medium height, have sharp features, have a beautiful face, thick black hair and a slim waist. They are serious in nature, emotional, sensitive, ambitious, volunteers, thinkers and of religious affinities. If Mercury and Venus are auspicious then they take any decision only after deliberation and keen analysis. They are rarely forgiving and do not forget slights easily. If Jupiter-Saturn are auspicious then they are polite, street smart, quick witted, adept in judging a situation, dependable, highly selective in choosing friends, and honest. Since they are quick witted they find it extremely difficult to forgive and forget slights. They should be especially careful of cough and maladies that are related to air. There lucky stone is sapphire. The lucky years are 22, 24, 27, 32 and 46.


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