13 Nov 2019


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gemini Horoscope

14 th
November, 2019
How you see yourself is important. Make sure that what you do for your body benefits your mind, too. You might be looking for something more intimate and inspirational with a partner than what they are currently giving you. This could be down to Venuses jaunt into the sector of the zodiac chart that rules the higher mind New places are always exciting. Keep exploring.
15 th
November, 2019
Your happiness is the most important thing. Take time to work through admin today. It’s not the most exciting but it will clear your desk for Monday. Don’t be afraid to take risks when planning for a holiday.

It is very important to hunt for new information and to use it carefully, not everything you uncover right now is important, there are red herrings and you need to be able to spot them and so proceed cautiously.

In health, it is time to review what is working and what is not. You may have entered into some health kicks without really knowing what you are getting into and perhaps it is now best to can those activities and think harder about what you want to achieve and what you are prepared to sacrifice before you go on. Stress and overwork is a major issue this month. Eat small protein rich meals more often and add vitamin B12 supplements and iodine to your diet. Eat more oily fish, seafood, eggs, rice and oats. A paleo diet could be just the ticket right now.

This is an ideal time for relationships new and old, as affection and physical togetherness is enhanced. You are more tactile and you feel relaxed and comfortable with your partner. Relationships tend to offer a sanctuary and retreat from the harsh realities of life. Love and company matter more to you right now and you are more appreciative of what you have in love and willing to work at it. There is patience and willingness to compromise. This is a very good time to chat with a partner about important long tern decisions.

Gemini Horoscope

The Lord of Gemini is mercury. Those born under the Gemini Sun sign have bubbly eyes and are average-to-tall in height. They are not prone to being stationed for long, are full of creative ideas, sharp intellect, ever-changing nature, extremely helpful friends, behaving in consonance with well-defined policies of theirs, experts in debate, and are blessed to travel far and wide. Since they possess the intellectual aspect par and as strong as emotional aspect, they are very diligent and methodical in fields related to education, law, business, and writing. They are generally thought of as weak by others due to their being strong of heart but soft of nature. They are dual natured they are prone to start multiple things in one instance, they often change their careers and often due to their hard work, intellect and the ability to think on their feet, they are successful in the lives. They are adept in making new friends, the art of dialogue, and they are highly successful if they make a career in trade, literature, dance, banking, law, teaching, engineering, machining. The lucky stone is emerald. However yellow Sapphire is suggested for ladies. Their lucky years are 22, 32, 35, 36, 42.


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