13 Nov 2019


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leo Horoscope

13 th
November, 2019
You can be reserved but you save yourself for people who deserve it. With Mercury in retrograde through your sector that rules merged energies sector creativity and self-expression may be lacking. Don’t worry retrograde ends on the 20th and normality can commence. Take time to think about your previous journeys and everything they taught you.
14 th
November, 2019
Everything in moderation is key. Be kind to yourself. Be mindful of not listening to your partner or romantic interest. Although not intentional it could get picked up wrong. Spend as much time as you can with loved ones.

You may experience a flood of new information or enquires – tweets may go viral and even promotions may over perform. You may be inundated with communications than you cannot deal with, but one thing is for sure, your message is getting across.

The Moon waxes until the 12th of the month, making this ideal for career changes, networking and new love and sexual relationships. Property deals, in depth research and extensive family involvement is not advisable. You need some space and freedom and cannot be around people who stifle or limit you.

This is a very future orientated month, where you must look forward not back. There maybe people or aspects of your past you need distance from. Avoid people who hold grudges or who want to drag you back over old ground. Psychological analysis is not helpful if it encourages you to dwell or obsess on the past, the past cannot be edited, the future is yet to be written and so make sure it is an exciting story line to look forward to.

Leo Horoscope

The Lord of Leo is the Sun. Those born under the Leo sign have a beautiful and healthy body, a broad forehead, sinewy, attractive, and have a commanding personality. They are intelligent, entrepreneurs, hard-working, bold, freethinkers, heroic, diplomatic, ambitious, foodie, love to travel, and can command a situation even though angry. They desist from indulging into small talk and are ever ready to accomplish herculean tasks through sheer will and hard work. Being ambitious they tend to do everything at the large-scale and with perfection. They want to live a life of high standard and of richness, due to which they never think twice even while overspending. The lucky stone is Ruby. They should worship the sun. The lucky years are 16, 22, 24, 26, 27, and 32.


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