13 Nov 2019


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libra Horoscope

13 th
November, 2019
It’s OK to feel annoyed or upset. These are human emotions that we all need to process from time to time. Trust your initial feelings in a work meeting. If money is tight, don't blow the budget this week Mercury in retrograde always has a way of messing up travel plans. Make sure you have everything backed up.
14 th
November, 2019
If you are feeling demotivated, then maybe go back to your original plan. Slight changes can help. Solving other people's love problems is great. But don't forget to deal with your relationships, too. Planning to go somewhere new? Start your research now.

Even if you have done the number crunching and the sums, do them again just to be sure. In business, scenario building is vital as part of strategy and readiness for all eventualities.

Venus conjunct Mercury at the New Moon, brings luck in terms of international trade and legal matters. This is a very good time to play a role as mediator especially in highly contentious matters. You have the ability to bring calm and reason to bear and may be instrumental in resolving an issue within your company or department or personally.

Travel for work is favored especially if you are teaching, lecturing or doing consciousness raising initiatives. Right now you need to see the big picture and you have to have faith in your vision. Being philosophical and able find both meaning and context from successes and failures is vital. Legal matters are resolved or advanced successfully.

Libra Horoscope

The Lord of Libra is Venus. Those born under Libra have a whitish complexion, are beautiful, are of medium to long height, and genial in nature. They are just, practical and balanced in their outlook. They’re also very affable and are keen to make new friends. They also appreciate arts, music and drama. Their lifestyle is generally of affluence. Music dictates their outlook towards life. If the moon and Venus are in a good transit, then they are highly creative but cannot concentrate on any work for long. If they are dedicated towards any work they leave no stone unturned to complete it, however if there is even a slight change in the thought process they would not hesitate to change entire plants. They are blessed with the luck to travel far and wide. There are intelligent, rational, cautious and alert, expert mediators, and are extremely bent towards the opposite sex. The lucky stones are diamond and pearl. However, they should wear the stones only after consultation with a qualified astrologer. The lucky years at 25, 28, 32, 33, 35 and 48.


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