13 Nov 2019


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sagittarius Horoscope

14 th
November, 2019
You need to rest. It’s important for all aspects of your life, make sure to prioritise this. You might have to make a big decision in your love life today. If so, put your feeling first. If a dream travel plan isn’t going to be possible, then stay focussed and save for it to happen in the future.
15 th
November, 2019
Emotional difficulties can make you grow. Being stubborn about how you want things done won’t benefit you. Be open to other ideas and a nicer workplace environment will follow. Keep track of your travel plans or you might end up forgetting an important detail.

Counselling, psychotherapy and even a psychic reading may not be helpful right now as all three will pick up on the negative energy and over emphasize it, which is not what you need. You need sleep, some solitude, good books, music and a creative outlet like art. Yoga is very helpful, as are breathing exercises in addressing stress and inner turmoil. Having your chakras balanced is also a good option. Steer clear of anyone involved in drugs or anything dubious.

Right now you need to be highly discerning about who you mix with and who you befriend, not everyone is who or what they say they are.

After the 21st many of your doubts and worries will ebb and you will enter a much better mind-set, where you can think with clarity.

Sagittarius Horoscope

The lord of Sagittarius is Jupiter. Those born under Sagittarius have a high forehead, large ears, and may face a receding hairline in case Jupiter is not auspicious. In case of Jupiter-Mercury being auspicious, those born under Sagittarius are calm, not complex in nature, religious, have a generous heart, altruistic, sensitive, kind and noble. They have an uncanny knack to judge the intentions of others. They are highly energetic and the logical and mental prowess is formidable. They are sometimes unable to take a decision and remain inconclusive, they are not quick to anger, but if they get angry they remain angry for long while. The strength of fire element enables them to face any and every difficulty with courage and hard work. They are adept in getting answers to the most complex problems of life and are highly successful. The careers that benefit them the most are teachers, politicians, doctors, lawyers, and anything related to books. There lucky stone is topaz. The lucky years are 23, 27, 32 and 36.


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