13 Nov 2019


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taurus Horoscope

13 th
November, 2019
Your charm will help you put someone at ease in a tense situation today. Speak up. If you have an idea and want to make it work, then show your colleagues you have the passion and the drive to do it. You love to experience other people and places. Make sure to keep fulfilling this need.
14 th
November, 2019
Lust should never come before love. Don’t make this mistake. Plan a trip to the great outdoors for the weekend. Pack your hiking boots and go exploring.

Intense negotiations can be part and parcel of the month, get ready to compromise and yet keep your eye on your key aims as anything is possible as it is all out there to grab in very productive dealings with competitors or colleagues. Venus in your 8th house and conjunct the ruler of your second indicates there can be good outcomes for you financially especially from the service sector. You may benefit from tips and presents from clients. There are often lucrative kickbacks or perhaps payment in kind this month i.e. a regular client may give you prime tickets to a concert or the ball game. This is a good time to apply for loans to buy new assets or invest in gold or currency. You can expand your business both organically and by giving incentives and discounts to new clients.

In terms of health and wellness, try and be more restrained and do not let others talk you into doing things you know are habit forming. This is a time when you are more influenced by social pressure in terms of your diet or drinking, you can lose discipline in social settings and right now bad habits are a slippery slope. You should also be careful of clever sales pitches which appeal to your impatient side; if you are eager for quick results you are vulnerable to adverting and slick sales talk and so you are better off doing research online rather than in person where there is more immediate pressure to say YES and part with money for a gym membership or expensive dietary supplements or diet formulas and shakes.

The new moon in Scorpio is sextile Neptune, this means that in love you and your partner can benefit by more interaction with mutual friends, do not shut yourselves off as you may get a better perspective after some social interaction with those you enjoy the company of.

Taurus Horoscope

The Lord of Taurus is Venus. If Venus is auspicious, then those born under Taurus are beautiful, have an athletic built, and are generally of medium height, their eyes are round, big and shiny, the facial features are beautiful, and their personality is quite interesting. They are extremely hard-working, pleasant, gentle natured, patient, and determined. They have a great sense of self-respect, are very ambitious, and not shy away from hard work, they enjoy the finest things in life they are sweet of the tongue, love the fine arts, and have a keen interest in music, history and literature. They always keep their home and office decorated and laden with beautiful artefacts, and work hard to enhance their collection of materials that give them the light. They are often followers of their own will, want to lead life of surpluses, want to be friends with the opposite sex, quite competent, and are skilled enough to make the most of even the most difficult times. They achieve great success in commerce, mathematics, banking, acting, textile business, trading et cetera if the moon-mercury are auspicious. Their lucky stone is diamond. Their lucky years are 27, 36, 42 and 47.


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