25 Oct 2020


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taurus Horoscope

25 th
October, 2020
25 th
October, 2020

Taurus Horoscope

The Lord of Taurus is Venus. If Venus is auspicious, then those born under Taurus are beautiful, have an athletic built, and are generally of medium height, their eyes are round, big and shiny, the facial features are beautiful, and their personality is quite interesting. They are extremely hard-working, pleasant, gentle natured, patient, and determined. They have a great sense of self-respect, are very ambitious, and not shy away from hard work, they enjoy the finest things in life they are sweet of the tongue, love the fine arts, and have a keen interest in music, history and literature. They always keep their home and office decorated and laden with beautiful artefacts, and work hard to enhance their collection of materials that give them the light. They are often followers of their own will, want to lead life of surpluses, want to be friends with the opposite sex, quite competent, and are skilled enough to make the most of even the most difficult times. They achieve great success in commerce, mathematics, banking, acting, textile business, trading et cetera if the moon-mercury are auspicious. Their lucky stone is diamond. Their lucky years are 27, 36, 42 and 47.


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