13 Nov 2019


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Planetary Positions

Planet Positions
Planets Sign Degrees Sign Lord Nakshatra Nakshatra Lord Nakshatra Pad House
Sun Virgo 175.00458357316 Mercury Chitra Mars 1 3
Moon Pisces 342.72343550394 Jupiter Uttra Bhadrapad Saturn 3 9
Mars Virgo 161.40820096093 Mercury Hast Moon 1 3
Mercury Libra 198.4803835032 Venus Swati Rahu 4 4
Jupiter Scorpio 235.81558064023 Mars Jyeshtha Mercury 3 5
Venus Libra 190.9159492664 Venus Swati Rahu 2 4
Saturn Sagittarius 260.26882122862 Jupiter Purva Shadha Venus 3 6
Rahu Gemini 78.358886960733 Mercury Ardra Rahu 4 12
Ketu Sagittarius 258.35888696073 Jupiter Purva Shadha Venus 2 6
Ascendant Cancer 91.650041890076 Moon Punarvasu Jupiter 4 1

About Planetary Positions

The planetary position is called the current transit of planets, every moment the planets are rotating this Earth, this circular revolution is known by horoscope, constellations, phases of constellations and by them the numerical, artistic position is known. Knowing the present state of the planets is the planetary state. All the auspicious- non auspicious incidents occurring in the present and the future are revealed only by the position of the planets.

The main points in the planet position is as follows

Planet – Sun etc planets i.e Sun-Moon-Mars-Mercury-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn-Rahu-Ketu-Uranus-Neptune-Pluto respectively these are the basic planets.

Degree – Planets zodiac sign – numerical – artistic – defectiveness information is obtained by degree.

Constellation – Planets are transmitted on the basis of the constellation, the number of constellations is 27, the planets currently located in which planet’s constellation its information is located on the planet’s transmission.

Phase – The information about the post of the constellation in which the planets of the constellation is located in phase is revealed.

Owner of Constellation – Planets transmit in the constellation, every planet has 3 constellations and the planet is in which constellation this information reveals the auspiciousness – non auspiciousness of that planet, friendly planet, neutral or enemy planet is circulating in the constellation of planet.


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