Planetary Retrograde

  • Mars has no retrograde motion in 2019
  • Mercury becomes Retrograde On 05,March 2019 Tuesday at 23:49
  • Mercury becomes Progressive On 28,March 2019 Thursday at 19:29
  • Mercury becomes Retrograde On 08, July 2019 Monday at 04:45
  • Mercury becomes Progressive On 01,August 2019 Thursday at 09:28
  • Mercury becomes Retrograde On 31,October 2019 Thursday at 21:11
  • Mercury becomes Progressive On 21,November 2019 Thursday at 00:41
  • Jupiter becomes Retrograde On 10,April 2019 Wednesday at 22:17
  • Jupiter becomes Progressive On 01,August 2019 Sunday at 19:18
  • Venus has no retrograde motion in 2019
  • Saturn becomes Retrograde On 30, April 2019 Tuesday at 06:42
  • Saturn becomes Progressive On 18,September 2019 Wednesday at 14:08

About Planetary Retrograde

Guider – In astrology planets pace is of special importance, in astrology there is description of 8 types of pace of planets which are as follows curve, extreme curve, crippled, extremely slow, medium, fast, extremely fast, planets sometimes move really fast and sometimes really slow, this transmission is described in retrograding and guided are described, it is said that a planets fast transmission and other’s slow transmission, it appears like a planet is moving in opposite motion meaning retrograding transmission. Due to this retrograding and guided pace there is decrease or abundance of results are seen.