24 Feb 2021


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Bhagwan pujan

God’s worship or pujan

Introduction – God’s pujan comes under special and prime lord’s pujan. Under this pujan, a person to get his wishes fulfilled and to get his desires come true does pujan. A person to achieve his goals and desires like to get hurdles nullified main god Ganesha is worshipped, for education maa saraswati and to get money worship maa lakshmi, a person depending on his goal and desires select his prime deity and pujan, recitation of hymns or paatha, mantra, chanting, homom, and does charity for prime deity’s happiness. This whole pujan is dedicated to the prime deity and to get blessings and fulfilling his desires is specially organised.

How to do God’s pujan
God’s pujan or main deity pujan is a special type of pujan. By this pujan a person depending on his wish selects the main deity. To nullify all the dosha’s in a person’s life main deity pujan is done. This pujan is done in accordance with the Vedic rituals. By this pujan to get a person’s goal and desires are fulfilled prayers are offered to the main deity via mantra chanting, which results in clearing off all the issues generated in a person’s life and his desires are fulfilled swiftly. Main deity pujan’s benefits stay for a long time period.

Benefits of God’s pujan
1. By God’s pujan issues, problems and hurdles generated in life are destroyed.
2. God’s pujan fulfills specific desires, and its results are seen really quickly.
3. Malefic planets and other dosha’s affects are also warded off.
4. This pujan is the provider of devotion and nirvana.