29 Oct 2020


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Festival Pujan

Festival pujan is a special pujan. This pujan is done on special festival,fast etc. In this pujan, muhurat etc’s cleansing, pujan, method, rules etc are specially kept in mind, this comes under yearly pujan which increases its significance as well. A person with his whole family is filled with full zeal and happiness and does this festival pujan, prays for the well-being of all the members of the family ordoes special festival pujan and a fast with some special wish and does this pujan, festival pujan is done with Vedic rituals and traditions and other common practices. By doing festival pujan, special fruits and desires are perfected or gained.

How to do Festival pujan
Festival pujan is a special pujan. In this pujan, a person select a special festival, day or or fast to get his desire fulfilled. This pujan is done to get rid off all the dosha’s in a person’s life. This pujan is completed with Vedic rituals. By this pujan a person’s goal and desires are fulfilled by performing prayers with mantra chanting, by whose results all the problems generated in life are discarded off and desires are fulfilled. Festival pujan’s results stays for a long time period.

Benefits of festival pujan
1. By festival pujan, issues, problems, hurdles generated in life are warded off.
Festival pujan fulfils special desires.
2. By festival pujan kid’s, marriage bliss are gained.
3. Bad affects of a planet and other dosha’s affects are silenced off.
4. By festival pujan, lord’s blessing and planetary situations are enhanced.