Navgreh pujan

Navgreh pujan is a special type of pujan. In this pujan, the nine planets (Sun, moon, mars, mercury, jupiter, venus, saturn, rahu and ketu) whichever planet is in a bad position in the chart reading, enemy house, set, curved, then that to get that planet peaceful this pujan is done. In navagraha pujan, specific planets generated bad affects are silenced off by vedic rituals of vedic mantras, tantric mantras, beej mantra chanting, puja, recitation of hymns, homam and charity is done and get the good affects proper prayer and remedies are done. These results in getting good affects from the planet. Dosha’s generated in a person’s chart reading and by positive affects happiness, prosperity, money, riches and specific house related good affects are gained.

How to do Navagraha Pujan
Navgreh pujan is a special type of pujan. By this pujan, select a planet to get his desires fulfilled. All the dosha’s situated in a person’s life are discarded off by planetary pujan or grah pujan. This pujan is completed with Vedic rituals. To get the goals and desires of a person completed, this pujan is done, by prayers with mantra chanting, which results in discarding off all the problems generated in life, and a person’s desire is fulfilled really soon. Planetary pujan or grah pujan’s benefits stays for a long time period.

Benefits of Navagraha pujan
1. By Navagraha pujan, all the problems, sorrows, hurdles and worries are discarded off from life.
2. Navagraha pujan fulfills special desires, and the results are gained really soon.
3. Bad affects and other dosha’s affects are warded off.
4. By planetary pujan, position of a planet is put in a good position.