Samskar Pujan

Special emphasis has been given on the samskars or rituals in Hinduism. From the birth of the womb, the person is tied to the rituals till death. The number of samskars as per Hindu religion is described as 16, and from time to time, Vedic tradition and samskars are performed in accordance with the method and process. Samskaras are performed in special festivals, Muhurat and the rituals are performed by worshipping, chanting, hymn, fast rules etc so that positive affects are bestowed on the kid. Samskara Pooja done by us are done by Vedic Acharya’s, samskar pujan performed by us are is in due consideration to muhurata, pujan process, mantra chanting and proper method, so that the full benefits of samskar pujan are bestowed on the kid. Prayers are done for the wishes and well-being.
How to do Samskar pujan

Samskar pujan is a special type of pujam. In this pujan, there’s a lot of stress given to the rituals. Samskar pujan if done right, it enhances a kids brain with positivity in soul, brain and intelligence. This pujan is done by Vedic rituals. By this pujan, kid’s better future, healthy body and well-being are wished, also to get the wished filled prayers are offered via mantra chanting to the planet, whose result provides kids life with positive changes, unsteadiness, anger and violent behaviour are discarded off. By doing special samskar pujan desired samskar benefits are obtained.

Benefits of samskar pujan
1. By samskar pujan, issues, worries, hurdles in life are discarded off.
2. Samskar pujan is a special type of pujan that’s why kid get benefits according to the samskar.
3. Samskar pujan fulfils the desires, by samskar pujan bad affects and other dosha’s affects are silenced off.
4. By doing samskar pujan, planetary positions are strengthened.