04 Mar 2021


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Specific Pujan

Specific Pujan is a special type of pujan. This pujan or worship is done to attain desired specific goals or purpose by vedic method and rules, pujan, recitation of hymns or paatha, mantra, chanting, fast, homam, donation and by following rules desired wish can be gained. This pujan is completed with traditional Vedic way in which special muhurata or timing, festival etc are done by our learned acharyas. Problems occurring due to hurdles, problems, pain, worries, planetary dosha and other dosha’s are discarded off via specific purpose or goal specific pujan.

How to do goal specific pujan
Specific goal pujan is a special pujan or worship. By this pujan, a person select special type of pujan and gets his desired fulfilled. To ward off all the dosha’s in a person’s life, specific goal pujan is done. This pujan is done via traditional Vedic method. By this pujan to get a person’s goal and desires fulfilled with prayers filled with mantra chanting, resulting in all generated issues are cleared off in a person’s life and his wish is filled quickly. Specific goal pujan’s results stays for a long time.

Benefits of goal specific pujan
1. By goal specific pujan, problems, issues and pain generated in life are discarded off.
2. By goal specific pujan special desire are fulfilled, a person get their result.
3. By goal specific pujan bad effects and other dosha of planets are nullified.
4. By goal specific pujan a person’s problems are warded off.