27 Jan 2021


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Child Related Problems

Child Related Problems

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Introduction – Have you ever wondered with increase of age in kids different types of changes occur in them, some are good and some are bad, what’s the reason that our children gets on to wrong path and in wrong company.
Parents wants to give good education and bright future to their children according to their will and they adopt many other things like stealing, lying, anger, indecent behaviour, etc, and we will make you aware of these things related to children and why such bad habits come in children, due to which parents get embarrassment in the society and the future of the children gets worsen. Also, many women get pregnancy issues such as not getting pregnant, miscarriage, or other other problems of children while birth etc, which result in women being deprived of kid’s bliss. In the horoscope, constellation of Planet Horoscope, our scholar acharyas will provide you right advice regarding problems related to child happiness due to the yoga and transmission of the inauspicious planets, so that in future, these dosha’s can be removed and kid’s bliss can be attained.

What is child related information?

The information related to the child is given on the basis of the person’s horoscope (birth date, birth time, place of birth).
The information related to the child is analysed by various sections of the horoscope and in the horoscope of the planet, constellation, zodiac, and horoscope, through a thorough analysis, child problems and sudden accidents related to future by our scholars is provided to the person so that in future child related problems can be prevented.

Benefits of child related information

Child related information reveals future problems and accidents.
With child related information, proper guidance is also available by our learned acharyas.
Along with child related information, proper guidance (puja,recitation of hymns, mantra chanting, gemstones, yantra or instruments, medicinal bath and charity) are provided by our learned acharyas.
Information provided by us on offspring related information, is also made available via e-mail and chart reading.



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