26 Jan 2021


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Introduction – In today’s time where everything is changing so fast, there has also been a lot of changes in our education sector. Today, new courses have been added in education. We have courses available on the basis of our own interests. But modernization has happened so much that unemployment is emerging as a really big problem in every sector, and competition is so much that children have to face many problems. Along with the choosing the right education, education problems and reasons are also revealed by astrology. We will know by astrology which planets, yogas of constellations you can improve your education. With which planet yoga in education you will get success by doing which course. By having which planet yoga higher education yogas are formed. Also which planet, constellation yogas will provide  foreign education, by astrology and with chart reading or kundali, education related auspicious – non auspicious information is given by our learned acharyas and you will be made aware of the future losses.

What is education related information?

The information related to education is given on the basis of a person’s chart reading or kundali (birth date, birth time, birth place). Education related information is analysed by different sections of chart reading or kundali and planets positioned in kundali, constellations, zodiac sign, houses, time period is thoroughly analysed by our learned acharyas education related information is given to a person, so that on future education related problems can be avoided and education related auspicious benefits can be gained.

Benefits of education related information

The information related to education reveals the future problem.
Consultation with learned acharyas is also available with information related to education.
Along with the education related information guidance about proper remedies(puja, recitation of hymns, mantra chanting, gemstones, yantra, medicinal bath, charity)is given by learned acharyas.
Information provided by us on education related information is also made available via email.


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