27 Jan 2021


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Gun Milan

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Introduction – By doing Kundali milan or chart reading matching a good life partner can be chosen. According to Vedic astrology, before marriage process of kundali milan is done, Kundali Milan play an important role in Marriage samskar, but this is not merely a samskar, this is a science, in which our mind, intellect, soul, thoughts, mutual relation, physical condition and fortune are added. It is divided into 8 parts, which we call ashta koot. According to Indian astrology, to make a successful marriage Kundali Milan process is done. The sum of these Ashta koot or 8 factors is 36, which is also called 36 qualities. Based on the birth constellation of a guy and girl chart reading, gun milan is done. Gun Milan is divided into 8 parts 1. Character 2. obedience 3. Species 4. planet friendship 7 Bhakoot 8 Pulse etc and by auspicious and non auspicious affects, good and bad events are carefully analysed by our learned acharyas, so that your life becomes successful and blissful.

What is Gun Milan related Information?

Information related to Gun Milan is based on the Guy and Girl’s Kundali or chart reading is given (Birth Date, Time of birth, Place of Birth). Gun Milan related information is analysed considering different sections of Kundali or chart reading and is given on the basis of birth constellation of guy-girl Kundali or chart reading, in this process planets position in kundali or chart reading, constellation, zodiac sign, house, time period and doshas of mars planet etc are thoroughly analysed by our learned acharyas and marriage related issues and marriage benefits in future are provided to the person, so that in future marriage related auspicious benefits are gained and can be saved from marriage related issues.

Benefits of Gun Milan related information

With Gun Milan related information, marriage related auspicious benefits in future can be gained and remedies for increasing them is also provided.
With Gun Milan related information which reveals the future marriage problem.
With Gun Milan related information, guidance is provided by learned acharyas.
Along with the Gun Milan related information, for proper remedies and guidance (puja, recitation of hymns, mantra chanting, gemstones, yantra, medicine, bathing, charity) are provided by learned acharyas.
Information provided by us on Gun Milan related information can also be obtained via email.


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