24 Jan 2021


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Hessonite is worn and adorned by businessman, politician, actors, doctors, high officials, and art and literature etc related people. Hessonite should be worn by ascendants of Taurus, Gemini, Aries, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius people. It protects from bad dreams.

Introduction – Hessonite is a natural gem. It comes in light red, yellow color, it can be said that it’s similar to cow’s urine, hessonite is species of granite gem. It is really attractive to see. It is worn for the auspicious effects of Rahu planet. Wearing hessonite physical, mental and monetary issues are calmed down, positive energy in the body increases, works get accelerated. By wearing hessonite a person’s mental, physical, spiritual, monetary, scars, accident, foot’s palm, calves, physical pain, mental anguish, air disorders, ghosts issues, high blood pressure, ulcer, thyroid,  constipation, etc problems are destroyed. Wearing hessonite eliminates the obstacles coming in business and jobs.

Weight and metal – Hessonite should be worn according to the body weight or minimum 6 ratti or more than that. Also it should be worn in a gold, and silver.

Wearing time – Cat’s eye can be worn on any Saturday, Wednesday when moon is in Shukla paksha and after an hour of the sunrise.

Invoking energy – Hessonite is kept in raw milk or ganges water on Friday or Monday night and in the morning prayers are offered to Goddess Durga or Lord Kaal Bhairava. Hessonite is washed with clean water, red sandalwood is applied, uncooked rice is offered, incense and earthen lamp is shown and prayers are offered to Lord Rahu for its auspiciousness.

Mantra – After invoking energy in hessonite before wearing it following mantra needs to be chanted 108 times –

Vedic mantra – Aum kaya naschitra aa bhuvduti sadavridha sakha, kaya sachisthaya vrita.

Tantric mantra – Aum ram rahve namah

Beej Mantra – aum bhram bhreem bhraum sah rahve namah

Alternative – In place of hessonite, tourmaline etc can be worn.

Caution – Remember not to wear ruby, yellow sapphire, red coral and alternative gems with hessonite.

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