26 Jan 2021


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Income/ Finance


Income/ Finance

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Money is as important today as food, because food is not available without money. In today’s life, money is needed to get anything, be it food, clothes, house, or be it a necessary thing of our life, living in today’s era of life it is really difficult. That’s why everyone needs money.
Money is divided into two parts
2-Accumulated wealth

Income – Income is determined by our work, what do we do with which our income be good. It has two medium – business and job
Accumulated wealth -Today which is also called saving. We accumulate wealth so that we can use it in worst time or it can be used in right actions.
Through astrology, we will tell you important information regarding income and wealth. Planets yoga in your kundali which strengthen our income and money, as well as some yogas which damages your income and wealth. What is the reason that your wealth is never good or you have to face losses in the investment you made. You helped someone by money but he brings problems and your money gets trapped, or because of the lack of the income, you have to take a loan. Based on planet yogas in your kundali, income/ finance related information is provided to you by our learned acharyas.

What is income/finance related information?

Income/finance related information on the basis of a persons (birth date, birth time, birth place) kundali. Income/finance related information is analysed on the basis of different sections of kundali and planets situated in kundali, constellation, zodiac sign, house, and time period is thoroughly analysed by our learned acharyas and future income.finance related problems and yogas is given to a person.

Benefits of income/finance related information

By income/finance related information, problems and benefits in future can be revealed.
By income/finance related information, guidance of learned acharyas is also available.
Along with income/finance related information, for proper remedies( puja, recitation of hymns, mantra chanting, gemstones, yantra, medicinal bath, charity) guidance of learned acharyas is given.
Information on income/finance provided by us can also be obtained via email and kundali.


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