26 Jan 2021


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Industrial Vastu

Industrial Vastu

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Introduction -Construction of industrial institute and industrial unit should be done on the basis of vastu. Vastu is an important factor in industrial institute. Due to vaastu dosha, today more than half of the industrial institute in the country are either closed or are running in losses. That’s why vastu information related to industrial institutes construction should be known to the owner or building constructor of the industrial institute. Factory, workshops, mills etc comes under the industrial institute that’s why construction of industrial institute should be done on big landscape. Work being done in industrial institutes should be used according to vastu. No construction should be done in middle of the landscape, water, fire and machinery related space should be constructed according to vastu only. Garden in landscape or parking space should be directed accordingly.
Industrial vastu related information is provided to a person by our learned acharyas via phone or can be provided by vastu analysis. Industrial vastu related guidance and remedies are provided to a person by our learned acharyas.

What is Industrial vaastu related information?

Industrial vastu related information is provided to a person based on the vastu shastra. Industrial vastu related information is analysed on the basis of vastu shastra, Industrial vastu is analysed throughly by our learned acharyas and industrial vastu construction and internal changes process related information is provided to a person, so that bad events and losses in the future can be nullified and auspiciousness and benefits can be gained while constructing a vastu approved industrial institute.

Industrial Vaastu related information’s benefits

By Industrial vastu related information, progress, happiness, prosperity and money is gained in life.
With Industrial vastu related information a person in present or future, depending on less or more usage and for making changes in a room Industrial institute can be constructed and changed.
Along – with Industrial vastu related information proper remedies and guidance are provided by our learned acharyas.
Information provided by us on Industrial vastu related information can also be obtained via email.


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