20 Nov 2019


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Land selection vastu

Land selection vastu

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Introduction – Land selection is most important part of vastu. After selecting the land only house and other things are built. Land selection process is based on the basis of vastu shastra. In land selection, land’s quality, dosha or issues, operations and goodness or bad issues related information is provided. By land selection land’s size, type, colour, volume, slanting and main spots are also taken carefully into consideration, so that land relation dosha’s don’t occur in future.
Land selection related information is provided by us via phone and after doing vastu inspection by our scholar acharyas. Land selection related guidance and remedies are provided by our scholar acharyas to a person.

What is land selection related information?

Land selection related information is provided on the basis of vastu shastra to a person. Land selection related information is analysed on the basis of vastu shastra, land is analysed while covering all the minute details done by our scholar acharyas and land selection related auspicious and non auspicious information is provided to the person, so that bad accidents can be avoided and auspiciousness and benefits can be attained.

Land selection related information’s benefits

By Land selection related information, auspiciousness and non auspiciousness of a land is known.
By Land selection related information, dosha’s related to land are warded off.
Land selection related information with right remedy and guidance is provided by our learned acharyas.
Information provided by us related to land selection is also provided by us via email.



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