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Introduction – Marriage According to Hindu religion, one of the sixteen samskars, which is a union of religious and social traditions and mixture of samskars, that is, marriage is the union of two souls which are used to run the order of creation. Marriage is made up of two words, Vi + wah, which literally means to follow the responsibility. Marriage in life holds an important place, by which we get the dharma, wealth, relation. With the help of astrology when will marriage take place, where and how will it happen? In which planet’s time period yogas of marriage occurs and yoga of delay in marriage, due to which planet divorce happens, or more than marriage will happen? What is the role of planets constellation in all this, why do such yogas are formed and remedies are told by our learned acharyas. Answers to marriage related information and questions are given by our learned acharyas on the basis of your kundali, along with the information about the auspicious non auspicious events that occur in future, so that you can avoid the inauspicious consequences and the auspicious results and remedies to increase in auspicious benefits can be gained.

What is marriage related information?

Marriage related information is given on the basis of a person’s kundali (birth date, birth time, birth place). Analysis of marriage related information is done by various sections of the kundali and position of planets in kundali, constellations, zodiac sign, and time period is thoroughly analysed by our learned acharyas and marriage related issues in future and auspicious benefits is given to a person, so that in future marriage related problems can be avoided and auspicious results can be gained and remedies to increase auspicious results can be gained.

Benefits of marriage related information

Information related to marriage shows future problems and auspicious results are known.
Consultation of learned acharyas regarding the information related to marriage is also available.
Along with marriage related information for proper remedies, guidance(puja, recitation of hymns, mantra chanting, gemstones, yantra, medicinal bath, charity) are given by learned acharyas.
Information provided by us on marriage related information is also made available via kundali and email.


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