04 Mar 2021


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Partnership Business

Partnership Business

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Introduction –When we talk of business, there are two things that are independent and shared, those who are rich people believe in doing business independently, but middle class people want to do business due to lack of money, they are not able to do business alone. Here we are talking about partnership business. When two or more people agree to run a business together for the purpose of earning profit then the established relationship between them is called partnership. Based on kundali or chart reading how auspicious will partnership be in business, will partnership provide benefit in business. Will you be facing losses sue to misunderstanding in partnership. Based on astrology and Kundali or chart reading partnership in business related auspicious and non auspicious information is provided by our learned acharyas, will make you aware of the losses which to be incur in future.

What is partnership business related information?

The information related to the partnership business is given on the basis of the person’s horoscope (birth date, birth time, place of birth). Partnership business related information is analysed kundali or chart reading based on different sections and planets position in Kundali or chart reading, constellation, zodiac sign, house, and time period is thoroughly analysed by our learned acharyas and business related information which is to incur in future is given, so that in future business partnership related problems can be avoided  and partnership business related auspicious benefits can be gained.

Benefits related to partnership business

Information related to the business partnership problems in future are revealed.
Consultation with learned acharyas is also available regarding information related to business partnership.
Partnership business related information guidance (puja, recitation of hymns, mantra chanting, gemstones, yantra, medicinal bath, charity) is provided by learned acharya.
Information provided by us on partnership business related information is also made available via email.


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