26 May 2020


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Red Coral

Red Coral

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Red coral should be worn by the ascendants of Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius people. Red coral protects against evil spirits, sorcery and bad dreams.

Red coral is a natural gem. It comes in red, light red, vermilion and white color. This gem is attractive to look at. Red coral is worn for the auspiciousness of mars planet. Wearing red coral physical, mental and monetary worries are calmed down, positive energy increases in the body, work gets accelerated. By wearing red coral a person’s physical ailments, weakness, injury, accident, blood disorder, pain, mental anguish, high blood pressure, constipation, stones, ulcer, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, lack of muscles in the body etc gets destroyed.

Wearing red coral, obstacles in business and jobs are discarded off. By auspicious effects of red coral, person gains enjoyment, luxury, position, fame, honor, success, physical health, courage, power and monetary benefits. Red coral is worn and likened by security department, secret agencies, army, mechanical energy, engineer, players, contractor, broker, businessman, politician, actor, doctor, high official, art and literature.

Weight and metal – Red coral should be worn according to the body weight of a person, or minimum 6 ratti or more than that. Also red coral should be worn in gold or copper ring.

Wearing time – Red coral can be worn on any Tuesday in Shukla paksha after an hour of the sunrise.

Invoking energy – Red coral should be kept in raw milk or in ganges water on Monday’s night and in the morning pryers should be offered to lord hanuman. After washing red coral with clean water, red sandalwood is applied, uncooked rice is offered, incense stick and earthen lamp are shown and prayers to lord hanuman are made for auspiciousness.

Mantra – After energizing the red coral before wearing it firstly following mantra should be chanted –

Vedic Mantra – Aum agnimurdha divah kakutpatih prithivya ayam, Apaam retam si jinvati.

Tantric Mantra – Aum am Angarkaye namah

Beej Mantra – Aum Kram Kreem Kraum sah Bhaumaye namah

Finger – After the mantra chanting, red coral ring should be worn in the ring finger of the right hand.

Alternative – Various options such as coroneted coriander crew and Red Jasper (Sunstone) can be used in place of red coral.

Caution – Red coral should not be worn with emerald, diamond, blue sapphire, onyx, cat’s eye and its alternative gems.

Formation – All the gems de facto: are gained from the mines, red coral is found in Burma (Myanmar), Sri Lanka (Ceylon), India, Madagascar and Tanzania’s red coral mines.

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