26 Jan 2021


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Introduction – Travelling is continues in everyone’s life. Sometimes travelling is small, and sometime travelling is bigger. The medium and purpose of the journey can be different, but travelling gives us experience. It combines people and society in life, which changes our knowledge and attitude. Where today everyone is worried about travelling in the country and abroad, there some have even travelled in space and other planets. Yesterday which was mere an imagination, today it is reality.
Travelling according to astrology has special importance. Because astrology is the only means or instrument, which can tell us the time and purpose of travel. Yoga of travelling in the country and abroad can be known before through astrology.
Regardless of the purpose of the journey, whether it is business, job, education, marriage, or just travelling, be it roaming astray. What is the reason, that we leave our country and live in other countries. What is the role of planet in this? what is the contribution of time period. Travelling with the help of which planet, constellation, is successful and due to which planet’s dosha travelling fails. On the basis of Kundali, we will tell you about current and future visits, and answer your questions related to travelling will also given to you through astrology.

What is travelling related information?

Information related to travelling is given on the basis of the person’s kundali (birth date, birth time, place of birth). The information related to travelling is analyzed by various sections of the kundali and the position of the planets in kundali, constellations, zodiac sign, and house is thoroughly analysed by our learned acharyas, the present and future travel and problems generated in travelling is given to a person. So that In future, travel related problems can be overcome, and the purpose for which the journey is to be successful and beneficial.

Benefits of travelling related information

The information related to travel shows the current and future travel related problems.
Consultation of learned acharyas with the information related to travel is also available.
Along with travel related information for proper remedies, guidance(puja, mantra chanting, gemstone,yantra, medicinal bath, charity) is given by learned acharyas.
Information provided by us on travelling related information is also made available via kundali and email.


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