15 Jul 2020


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Yellow Sapphire Bangkok

Yellow Sapphire Bangkok

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Yellow sapphire is worn and likened by teachers, lawyers, politicians, actors, doctors, high officials, art and literature related people. Yellow sapphire should be worn by ascendant of Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, and Pisces. Yellow sapphire protects from evil spirits, sorcery and bad dreams.

Introduction – Yellow sapphire is natural gem. It is available in white and yellow color. This gem is attractive to see. Yellow sapphire is worn for the auspiciousness of Jupiter planet. By wearing yellow sapphire physical and mental ailments are calmed down, spiritual energy in the body increases, knowledge and intelligence becomes stronger. By wearing yellow sapphire a person’s voice, fat, obesity, diabetes, fever, typhoid, diarrhea related diseases are destroyed. Wearing yellow sapphire destroys the obstacles coming in business, jobs, marriage and education. Due to auspicious effects of yellow sapphire a person gets special fame, respect, success, physical and monetary benefits. 

Weight and metal – Yellow sapphire should be worn according to the body weight of a person or minimum6 ratti or more than it. Also yellow sapphire should be worn in gold or silver ring,

Wearing time – Yellow sapphire can be worn on any Thursday when moon is in Shukla paksha after an hour of sunrise.

Invoking energy – Yellow sapphire should be kept in raw milk or ganges water on Wednesday night and in the morning prayers should be offered to Lord Vishnu. Yellow sapphire is washed with clean water, red sandalwood is applied, uncooked rice are offered, incense and earthen lamp are shown and prayers to Lord Vishnu are offered.

Mantra – After invoking energy in yellow sapphire before wearing it following mantra is chanted 108 times –

Vedic Mantra – Aum brahaspate ati yardyo arhad dyumdwibhati kratumajjneshu, yaddidyachvas ratprajat tadasmasu dravinam dhehi chitram.

Tantric Mantra – Aum brum brahaspatye namah

Beej Mantra – Aum gram greem graum sah gurve namah

Finger – After the mantra chanting yellow sapphire’s ring is worn in right hand’s index finger.

Alternative – In place of yellow sapphire other gems like yellow pearl, yellow zircon, yellow tourmaline, topaz and citrine (quatzertopaz) can be used.

Caution – Remember not to wear yellow sapphire should not be worn with diamond, blue sapphire, hessonite and cat’s eye.

Formation – All the gems de facto: are gained from the mines, red coral is found in Burma (Myanmar), Sri Lanka (Ceylon), India, Madagascar and Tanzania’s yellow sapphire mines.

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